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The Little Academy provides services for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.  School age children may attend before and after school, summer and holidays.

Requirements Prior to Admission

   An initial conference with the Director to determine that the individual needs of each child can be met by the center.

   A complete file, containing all of the following required documentation:

          1. Registration/Application Form completed
          2. Paid Registration Fee, Activity Fee/Book Fee and first week’s tuition
          3. Completed Admissions Agreement
          4. Current Immunizations record with date – including Chicken Pox vaccine (Varicella) or a note stating the child has                                 had a history of disease
          5. Emergency Information and Pick-Up Authorizations
          6. CACFP meal application form

Procare Child Care Management Software

     Procare child care management software is used at our facility to simplify our program operations so we can focus on what matters – the children. Parents check their children in and out through the system and tuition is paid automatically weekly. The program keeps track of all the children in each classroom throughout the day, lets us know if your child is behind in their shots, and gives us a yearly tuition total for taxes if needed.

Tuition Assistance Programs

     Our facility participates in the following tuition assistance programs: Child Care Assistance, FIND Work, Employer Paid Tuition, US Coast Guard, US Navy, and payment for foster children . Additional forms and procedures for  assistance need to be completed prior to assistance being applied towards tuition.

     For information about Child Care Assistance, go to www.louisianabelieves.com/early-childhood and click Child Care Assistance Program For Families on the left side.

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